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We leverage on our vast cross-industrial experience and cutting-edge HR tools to assist businesses and organizations in attracting, managing and retaining their key resources – the human capital. We do this through the various HR solutions we offer as we strive to work with our clients in achieving decisive edge over their competitors, whilst achieving both lean and efficient business processes to drive their business success.

Our Services are broadly categorized into the following:

The resource you wish to employ is not just a number addition that reflects in your staff statistics, but a productivity addition to your bottom-line result.

We will partner with you to validate your hiring requirements in terms of skills set, competency level, compensation, and most importantly, right attitude. From candidates sourcing to screening and assessments, we will ensure to work in tandem with your specification to minimize hiring errors.

Our team ensures that the time spent in meeting your staffing needs is significantly reduced.

Our HR Staffing services covers:

  • Basic Recruitment:

Whether you are looking to hire a one-of-a- kind candidate, or sourcing for a partner who will integrate and manage your entire recruitment process, we are rightly positioned to work with you in achieving your manpower recruitment objectives.

We offer holistic and flexible staffing packages that cater for either bulk recruitment or single manpower needs.

  • Executive Search

This is a bespoke service for those looking to hire senior and top tier management executives. Due to our extensive network and relationships with top executives across several industries, you can trust us to offer you only candidates with relevant trainings, experience and capabilities.

Our executive search service ensures that you will only spend your time interviewing senior executives with the right experience and who are sincerely interested in your organization.

We understand that quality investment in your employees is crucial to optimizing productivity and key to ensuring a competent and compliant workforce. We provide engaging, interactive and informative content thereby ensuring that you gain the most from our sessions.

Our team of facilitators have cognate experience in diverse segments of various industries. We leverage our extensive network to access subject matter experts for all your learning and development needs. Our L&D services include:

  • Training Need Analysis

We provide irreproachable analysis for the purpose of improving employee job performance. We’d assist you through our assessments to determine your employees’ skills and knowledge gap and adequately ensure the gap is enclosed with relevant and required trainings. 

  • Training Plan Development

With your goals being our objectives; whether it is to thrive at local or international levels, our commitment is to provide you with the right training plan that helps your employees’ learn specific knowledge and skills to better improve performance in their current roles.

  • Soft/ Technical Skill Training

Do you have a specific training goals? Are you in need of a complete customized training to suit your business in particular or require a slight adaptation of our training program? Our customized trainings are specifically designed to suit your needs and help bridge your employees’ knowledge gaps.

Research shows that one of the major challenges facing corporate organizations is cost management. This is why we have tailored outsourcing solutions aimed at minimizing your payroll costs and helping you effectively increase your bottom-line by focusing on achieving your business objectives, while we do what we do best; manage your workforce.

We will handle the end to end process of your workforce management with many gains to your organizations such as lower overhead cost, minimal downtime, relief from tax and other statutory liabilities, and many more. With vast experience in this capacity in different industries e.g. manufacturing, hospitality, retail services, healthcare, telecommunications, oil and gas and the public service sectors amongst others, we are committed to helping you tackle all of your difficult, time-consuming tasks.

Are your employees delivering on their jobs? What system or strategy do you employ to measure performance?

At Pivotage, we offer a seamless performance management system which helps you plan, monitor and appraise your employees’ performance and determine their contribution to the organization.

This goes beyond the bi-annual/annual performance appraisals. It is a system that will establish a continuous culture of performance accountability; putting in place objectives, progress assessment and provide on-going support and evaluation to ensure that employees are meeting the organizational objectives and fulfilling their career goals.

We have the capability to create entirely new policies, standard operating procedures, process manuals and also review your existing ones such as Management policies, employee handbook, procurement policies, etc.; tailoring them to your organizational culture and global standards. We also assist organizations with other related services like drafting employment contracts, job description development, etc.

Irrespective of the size of your business, making a wrong hiring decision comes at a huge cost. At Pivotage, we would help you reduce this risk by providing smart, reliable and comprehensive background check services that limits your business exposure to corporate risks and reduces your chances of hiring wrong.

We employ modern, innovative and transparent approach in carrying out these checks to verify and validate personal claims and ensure your business is not at risk.

Our services includes:

  • Educational documents check
  • Drug and health screening
  • Guarantor’s check
  • Employment history check