24 May 2019

For those who may consider it as such, this is not an interview question for you to navigate with or memorized lines that have been structured to impress the interviewer. Rather this is a major point of introspection for every job seeker. Providing an honest answer to this question and confronting the reality which it […]

20 Mar 2019

A job interview is expected to be a conversation, just like a trade discussion between two parties; a buyer and a seller trying to ascertain the suitability of the product in addressing the buyer’s identified need(s). It is common to attend interviews where the interviewer assumes a very hostile and confrontational façade in the course […]

21 Mar 2017

Taking some time to reminisce; to see how far we have come as women and where we currently stand, with the hope of a much stronger, better and united tomorrow…as women! Social media is flooded today with memes, graphic posts, comments etc. on how beautiful it is to be alive today to celebrate “Women’s Day”. […]

21 Mar 2017

Imagine looking through over a thousand (1000) applications per day, how many minutes do you think I’d spend on each? Too much irrelevant information on your CV sometimes makes smart candidates lose out on great opportunities. Honestly, as a recruiter, before anything I’d first like to see your past job titles (to determine the relevance […]